Time Transfer GPS Receiver

1PPS with +/- 100 nanoseconds tolerance, which is close to an atomic clock in accuracy
modelo : VP-200T

VP-200T is the integration of a timing GPS receiver and antenna in a compact/weather proof enclosure for time transfer application. It outputs UTC synchronized 1PPS with +/- 100 nanoseconds tolerance, which is close to an atomic clock in accuracy. 
As a time transfer device, VP-200T is capable of operating with even 3(three) satellites after having a fix position with 3 or more satellites previously, so you can get precise time base anywhere on the Earth even under a very harsh environment where only one satellite is available.
  • UTC synchronized precise time base can be obtain anywhere on the earth at a relatively low cost
  • Ultra compact, fully weather-proof, easy to mount
  • Quick start, 18 seconds warm start typical
  • Continue to output time data with even one satellite tracked
  • Wide supply voltages range (8~40VDC), low power consumption (0.9W typical
  • Time Stamp Data Logger
  • Synchronization of radio base stations for cellular phone, pagers, and so on.
  • Time control of computer terminals connected to network
  • Output signal level: TTL@3.3V(4.8v optional)
  • Output data format: NMEA 0183
  • Accuracy: +/- 1 m second (2DRMS) to UTC
  • Accuracy: +/- 100 nano second(2DRMS) to UTC via software adjustment
Dimension: 4.5" diameter x 2.9" (H) or 11.4cm x 7.4cm(H) Antenna: High-reliability ceramic patch
Weight: 0.8lb(360g) without cable Antenna LNA gain: 26+/-2dB, NF: 2.0dB max
Enclosure: Highly impact, corrosion-proof PC (polycarbonate) resin Receiving Frequency: 1575.42MHz, C/A code
Construction: Hermetically sealed & fully waterproof Receiver Architecture: 12 channel ail-in-view algorithm tracks & uses up to 12 satellites
Mounting: Pole mount to 1"-14 threaded pipe DGPS Capability: Direct RTCM-SC104 interface
ENVIRONMENTAL Acquisition Time: 20 sec. typical (warm start)
Temperature: Operating -30~+75°C, storage -40~+85°C Position Accuracy: 15m or 50 feet RMS*
Humidity: 95% non-condensing Velocity Accuracy: 0.1 knots RMS steady-state
POWER Update Rate: 1 sec. continuos
Input Power: DC 8~40V, with reverse protection Dynamics: Up to 49m/s.s (tracking sustained)
Voltage Regulator: on-board, switching mode 1 PPS Timing Output: Generates one pulse per second with rising edge synchronized to UTC after having a position fix
Consumption: 1.1Watt, typical 1 PPS Timing Accuracy:

1 µ sec.
typical/ 100ns after calibration

EMI Filter: rejects power line interference * Subject to degradation of position to 100m 2DRMS under US DoD Selective Availability program
Protocol: NMEA 0183, 4800 baud rate Output protocol: NMEA 0183/ RS-232 or RS-422
Signal Level: RS232 or RS422 (optional) Standard Output Sentences: GLL: Position & UTC time
GGA: Position & UTC time
RMC: Position, time, speed, course
ZDA: Time & Date
1 PPS TTL Custom Outputs: Refer to OEM options
DATA CABLE San Jose Technology, Inc. may add other NMEA sentences to the standard output to maximize interfacing capabilities.
Length: 15m (standard RS232)
100m (optional RS422)
Description: Multi-color conductors strained in a shielded/ weatherproof jacket I/O PIN ASSIGNMENT
I/O CONNECTOR Connector Wire Function
Housing: 7 pin circular, hermetically sealed PIN1 White Receive
Pins: Gold plated for anti-corrosion PIN2 Green Transmit
OEM OPTIONS PIN3 Yellow Ground
Output Interval: 0~60 sec. selectable PIN4 Bare Braid Earth
Operating Mode: 2D, or 2D/3D automatic PIN5 Blue 1 PPS
Type of Interface: RS 232 or RS 422 (optional) PIN6 Black Power -
Datum: One of the 171 datum supported PIN7 Red Power +
Extended Input Voltage: Up to DC 60V    
Sentence Available: GGA, ZDA, RMC, GLL, GSA, GSV, VTG  
Satellite Mask: SNR, PDOP, elevation angle , satellite number  

1 PPS OUTPUT (Rising edge traceable to UTC)
Output Pin: Pin#5 (Blue)
Max Output Current: +/- 5.3 mA
Voltage High: 2.4V min @ -0.8mA
Voltage Low: 0.5V max @ 5.3mA
Start to Output: Only when position fix is obtained
Synchronization: Rising edge is synchronized to UTC.
Accuracy: Within +/- 1 micro second typically
Duty Cycle: 50%
Adjustment: 100ns increment (advance or delay)
Adjustment Command: $PFEC, Gpset, Txnnnn CR LF
x= - to advance 1pps pulse / x= + to delay 1pps pulse
nnnn= 0000~9999
Example: $PFEC, Gpset, T-0006 =>1pps pulse will be advanced by 600 nanoseconds
$PFEC, Gpset, T+0050 =>1pps pulse will be delayed by 5 microseconds
This specification is subject to change without prior notice...
Application Diagram

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